The Best Trails To Run in San Antonio

Summer is a great time to explore trails in San Antonio.  The days are longer, giving you more time to see uneven surfaces, and the tree canopy gives you shade from the sunny heat.  As trail running has become more popular over the past few years, San Antonio has focused on building some great trails that are relatively unknown to the general public.  Government Canyon contains the most trail mileage in the area, Friedrich Park, professionally designed, resembles single track that is rugged like you might find further west and McAllister is centrally located for most of the San Antonio population to get to within 15 minutes.


For those of you looking for trails to run this summer, we have collated some of our staff's favorite local trails:

Susana - "I can't pick one! There are so many good ones! I would say McAllister Park because I can run to other parks from there. From McAllister I can run to Harberger Park and Tobin. It branches out to soo many other good trails!"
Brandy - "Friedrich is really fun because it's one of the more challenging trails in the area. I'm always up for a challenge."
Alex - "My favorite trail in San Antonio is Government Canyon because there are so many possibilities due to the size."
Kerrie - "Government Canyon because it feels very rural and natural. It gives me an easy escape from the city."
Garrett F. - "I like Friedrich because it feels different every time. I'm always discovering new sections on it and its very hilly."
Lauren - "Cibilo Nature center is the best!  It's small yet unknown so you can avoid the crowds that can sometimes plague the more popular trails!"

Are you interested in exploring these trails with others?  Our Summer Trail Mixers is a great way to join a community of people running and walking through various San Antonio trails this summer.

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