Recover with a Dead Sea Salt Bath

Forget the Ice, Add Dead Sea Salt

Let's face it, ice baths are too uncomfortable and are a major hassle to setup on as often as us runners need to recover.  Several of our staff have been experimenting with various recovery techniques and this one specific method has stuck with several of them: soaking in a dead sea salt bath.

Why do they like it?

  • The most obvious reason is that it can be done at a more manageable temperature than an ice bath. We recommend using warm water.
  • Dead salt contains 33% mineral content, as apposed to 3% in most other salts. These minerals are absorbed effectively through the skin, providing almost instant relief from muscle aches and pains incurred on long training runs or other activities causing overexertion of large muscle groups.
  • Dead sea salt is rich in magnesium. Stress and intense exercise deplete the body of magnesium making you more vulnerable to muscle cramps, body aches and grouchy moods after a long workout.
  • Not only can it help with your muscles but it can help with circulation and dry skin.
Interested in trying a dead sea salt bath? Both Fleet Feet San Antonio locations now carry a trial size and a tub.

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