Race Day Checklist

It's marathon season in San Antonio.  With a month left until Rock 'N' Roll San Antonio its time to start getting your final preparation in order. We have compiled a packing checklist for race day so you don't leave anything behind and, more importantly, you don't stress about leaving anything behind. Fleet Feet San Antonio will be at the pre-race expo with everything on this checklist, in case you do need to pick up any last minute essentials.


  • Shorts or leggings - the average low temperature is 40* for Dec. in San Antonio
  • Non-cotton T-shirt or Singlet
  • Technical Socks - we recommend Belega or Feetures! for the best quality
  • Shoes - the shoes you started training with will be worn out, make sure you're in a pair that have life in them and slightly lighter than what you trained in
  • Sports bra - don't wear two, wear one that fits
  • Gloves/Sleeves - remember, it will be cold at the start!
  • Old t-shirt for the start - many runners wear an old t-shirt to the start that they can leave at the starting line


  • BodyGlide or SportShield - for Anti-Chafing
  • NipGuards - a man's nipple's best friend
  • Hat/Visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Energy drink or gels - Glukos gel and chomps will be on the course in case you need extra, but be prepared and bring your own in case the race runs out
  • Nathan Hipster or Flipbelt - you can use this to store your spinging money, chapstick, or phone
  • Spending money - you never know what you might need while on the course

For after the run

  • Dry t-shirt
  • Running pants
  • Jacket or 1/2 zip
  • Fresh socks
  • Oofos or Superfeet sandals - your feet will be tired and the support in these sandals will feel awesome!
  • Food (eg banana, recovery bar)
  • Scratch recovery mix - natural protein mix

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