Avoid the Post-Training Season Blues

by Heather Mendizábal

The long awaited annual Rock n’ Roll series has come and gone. Hours have been spent pounding on the pavement, powering through the inevitable discomfort, and celebrating small victories along the arduous training journey. You’ve worked hard, crushed your goals, and now a small break in your routine is well-deserved. However, too long of a break from running can be a hindrance to your training for future races next year. A resting mindset coupled with the threat of chilling temperatures outdoors creates the perfect storm to lose momentum in 2017. Keep the following tips in mind in order to beat the post-training season blues:

Get Moving!

Within about 2 weeks of inactivity, the aerobic capacity you’ve worked so hard in building this training season begins to decline.  Go on a light and easy “recovery run”. Get moving somehow! If you’re nursing a race injury, try a form of low impact cross-training such as a cycling, swimming, or using a rowing machine at your local gym.  Cycle Hub and Energy X Fitness are great resources for cross-training. You’ll be happy not having to “start over” once the spring training season begins.

Burn Some Glycogen!

We have officially entered the holiday season, and we all know what that means. We are surrounded by large festive meals, homemade baked goods, and more eggnog than we care to admit. Think about how amazing this “carb-loading” has been and then imagine how even more amazing your runs will be with all of that glycogen stored up in your muscles. Really! Give it a shot! Hopefully this isn’t your first run since Rock n’ Roll, but if it is, gauge how energized you feel after all the pecan pie. A new PR may very well be in your future!

Gear Up!

Snag some new winter apparel to motivate you to get out the door! Fleet Feet is now carrying great winter gear from Nike, Under Armor, and Brooks. All pieces are functional yet fashionable, so you can avoid piling on layers that leave you bulky or overheated. The right apparel makes you feel confident, and confident runs are the best runs.

Many who ran Rock n’ Roll are also in need of some new shoes.  Since we never advise to run a long race in brand new shoes, many have already accumulated significant mileage. This coupled with the torrential downpour of rain and mud racers had to slosh around in, it may be time to switch them out for a fresh pair. Come see us any time for a custom fitting. After what you endured that weekend, your feet deserve it!

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