4 Steps to Improve Your Running Form

The majority of running related injuries that we see at Fleet Feet San Antonio occur due to muscle weakness, over training, or poor running form.  Many people read or hear that a low heel-to-toe drop shoe will dramatically change their running form for the better.  While low heel-to-toe drop shoe may encourage improved form for some people, there are several basic principles that we follow when teaching running form that we believe are the most effective things to focus on.  No, cushion-less zero-drop shoes are not required to run more efficiently.

Step 1: Posture - Stand tall with your hips forward and your head up.  Relax your shoulders and your arms.

Step 2: Midfoot - Land under your hips while on your midfoot and land softly.

Step 3: Cadence - Aim for a cadence between 160 to 180 steps per minute. This should be quick short strides.  If you have trouble with this, use music or a current model Garmin watch to match up your cadence.

Step 4: Lean - Lean forward slightly from the ankles without bending at the waist.  Let gravity help generate forward momentum.

To see these steps in action and to get a more in depth experience with practical implementation join one of our Running Form Clinics!

Our next Running Form Clinic will be taught by, exercise physiologist, Joe Sulak on Tuesday February 16th at 6:30-8PM!  Register here, space is limited!

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