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Rockford Rocknar II
On Sunday, May 16, 2021 we will have our second annual Rocknar Relay Race! The estimated departure time of the first runner is 7:00 am. Last year we had two legs start at the same time with one in Belvidere and one in Roscoe!

If you are new to the Rocknar it is an all city replay race. Each runner waits at home for the runner before them to ring their doorbell. When your doorbell rings the current runner tags you and you head out to the address your are assigned to. We will have a finish line for the last runner with a mini celebration for all who are free to join!

If you live in an outlying city you can still participate! We will add you to an area that is light on runners.

Last year we had 35 runners conquer over 140 miles! Check our Facebook Page (Rockford Rocknar) to see all the highlights from last year. Feel free to add pictures from this years race there too!

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