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Harvesting Hope: Fleet Feet Rockford's Thanksgiving Food Drive with Nourishing Hope

Formerly recognized as the Lakeview Food Pantry, Nourishing Hope underwent a rebranding to align with its expanded mission. Beyond nourishing the food-insecure community, their focus now extends to providing crucial social and mental wellness services. With a robust team of six clinical mental health counselors, Nourishing Hope conducted an impressive 3,200 mental wellness visits in the past year alone.

Setting themselves apart, Nourishing Hope operates not only through two walk-in pantry locations at Sheridan Market and El Mercadito but also as the exclusive online food pantry in the Chicago area, adapting to the evolving needs of the community.

"Nourishing Hope is one of the largest and longest-operating hunger relief organizations in the city. We provide the equivalent of over 4 million meals per year. Nourishing Hope serves the whole city of Chicago by providing food for today, and hope for tomorrow. That includes emergency food distribution. It also includes social services and mental health counseling to really address what's going on underneath the hunger. We've seen almost double the amount of people coming to us for the first time, over last year." 
– Nourishing Hope CEO Kellie O'Connell 

In the noteworthy year of 2022, Nourishing Hope achieved a staggering feat, collecting a remarkable 5 billion pounds of food for donation. Recognizing the competitive spirit often found among runners, we're challenging our community to channel that drive to surpass this remarkable milestone. Fleet Feet Rockford eagerly anticipates receiving food donations from Friday, November 17th, to Sunday, November 26th.

This collaboration not only aims to provide essential sustenance to those in need during the Thanksgiving season but also underscores the profound impact that collective efforts can have on our community's well-being. Join us in supporting Nourishing Hope's mission as we strive to make this Thanksgiving a season of generosity, unity, and triumph over hunger.

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