UrbanFIT is back!

Spring is approaching, the birds are chirping the days are longer and Fleet Feet Sports is ready to offer a fun and exciting workout with our UrbanFIT Program! This year we have added more classes including morning classes for you early birds! We are also introducing UrbanFIT Endurance along with UrbanFIT Classic and UrbanFIT Intense.

What is UrbanFIT?

UrbanFit combines cardio and strength training while using our resources outside whether it be park benches, stairs or walls. No fancy gym equpiment needed here!UrbanFIT is both challenging and fun. UrbanFIT Classic involves some running but will have a primary focus on core strength. Modifications provided make this workout suited for all and any fitness level.

  • UrbanFIT Classic will be offered: Monday 6PM from Fleet Feet Sports Ridgeway Ave and Saturday 9:30AM from Fleet Feet Sports @ The Armory.

What is UrbanFIT Intense?

UrbanFIT Intense is a 45 minute packed class with more reps and less rest between exercises. This is perfect for the experienced, on-the-go athlete.

  • UrbanFIT Intense will be offered: Monday & Wednesday Mornings 5:30AM from Fleet Feet Sports @ The Armory

What is UrbanFIT Endurance?

UrbanFIT Endurance is an UrbanFIT workout targeted to those who like a little more running involved in their cardio and strength training. This extended, 75 minute class is ideal for mud runners or obstacle racers.

  • UrbanFIT Endurance will be offered: Thursday evenings at 6PM from Fleet Feet Sports @ The Armory


Want to know what UrbanFIT is all about?

Free Demo Classes:

  • UrbanFit Intense: Wednesday March 26th 5:30AM Fleet Feet Sports @ The Armory
  • UrbanFIT Endurance: Thursday March 27th 6PM Fleet Feet Sports @ The Armory

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