No Bo/WalkFIT Kickoff on....

NO BO Kickoff on....

Alrighty, so I said we never do this unless a State of Emergency and even though a SOE has not been called, honestly, we want everyone to be safe.

We are POSTPONING No Bo Kickoff tomorrow until Sunday!! I know I know. But it is dangerous out there and trying to have 400 people drive to a park is crazy. We have no idea if anything will be plowed. Its for Safety.

But we are switching to Sunday, Feb. 10th same time same place same everything!!!!

So we are doing the No Bo Kickoff and Orientation on Sunday, February 10th at 8AM at Genesee Waterways Center then at 9AM is the Orientation at Stay Bridge Hotel.

We will keep packet pickup going through Saturday at both stores.

We do hope to see you on Sunday!!!

Thank you so much for understanding!!! Be proud, you can say you were in the first No Bo class to have Kickoff cancelled (or postponed that is).

Coach Ellen

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