2013 - Train for a Half/Full, 5K, 10K or just get Walking with us

Happy New Year!

 Do something for you this year and take care of you!  Feel free to pass this on.  We have something for everyone!!

  • Want to learn how to Run?  Not sure how.  Whether you don't know how to run or can run 2-3 miles and want to go farther, Fleet Feet's No Boundaries: Learn to Run Program is for you.
  • Want to run a Spring Half or Full Marathon? Not sure how.  Whether you've done a 1/2 or full or can run at least 15-20 miles/week and want to up your game -  Fleet Feet's Half/Full Marathon Training Program is for you.  New this year is our advanced program for those wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon - Boston Qualify Training. 
  • Want to run the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon?  Now sure how.  Are you looking for a group to do those long trail runs with?  Are you up for an amazing challenge with Coach Boots?  This latest Lab Rat Project is perfect for those wanting to train for the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon on May 25th, 2013 at Letchworth State Park, then this is for you.
  • Do you just want to Walk and stay fit and active?  Try our new WalkFIT program, tied into our No Boundaries: Learn to Run Program.  Perfect for someone who has no desire to run, just wants to walk and get fitter doing so. 

If you know someone who might be interested in these programs - feel free to pass this along to them.


Downloadable PDF of upcoming Training Programs and info Sessions:  Click Here

Read on Here about the upcoming programs and info session : http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=vftz69n6&v=001SbPU0nO9dPCgHva1d_J9QHpp8tsHrNS1V_vbnupWSo7VKBK_fOIGO4LIbJyyQxSfFkd2WxMx7QVQeyECEnsiREgrIrwRNwT8bNvYoKEVVaRypnc-CRHew_y05rU3-LMNqLoEVV_LTyNSpUacpXRxTXzXHxIbSZpgKGFQo80_3wPQ62Sy5QKkZ4vVm1doyOe0KFZu3SYhD2axQ4ojdAnRgBxwPFuZJ5QgpAhX72ul2cy25f-UoNFT1cQOJwwaXlIQfnVX0LruJ6JPwtIOPN-EkOy_qHFH-dldYwQKt0Y3wM6B66AU2vOp5zHdItsRq_PQXxvWpkJPYMRDgOF0hgYfRtecwMVJqNZDlRSvU8DTJ4NbTpyqbTY-cRHOoUAExFzg9YmtISZHLz8adBVgcx4Zkacy9rNDTR8CfzdGyvgqBjzys2YL6n7pqvvGaJNez2KQyUcB9bA_LtI%3D&id=preview

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