Tips for Running in the Rain

As this is being written, it's a rainy morning here in Richmond. It can be tough to motivate yourself sometimes to run in the rain. That's why today's topic involves tips for making your rainy run more successful. Here are 5 tips to allow you to rock your run:

1) Wear technical apparel

When it's raining during your run, it becomes more important than ever to make sure you've got quality technical clothes to run in. Cotton/mesh t-shirts and shorts can become heavy and lead to chafing on your run. We all know how painfully uncomfortable that can be, so to avoid that, look for a technical shirt and running specific shorts. Additionally, it may be a good idea to roll on some Body Glide or Sport Shield to prevent that chafing even more. Both are waterproof and will stay on even in the rain. 

2) Hydration

Even though you may be wet, hydration is still key. Make sure you're drinking enough fluids, and consider including an electrolyte replacement like Nuun or Skratch in your routine as well.

3) Wear moisture-wicking socks

This one is similar to our technical apparel tip, but a good running sock can make a huge difference on your run as well. A Balega, Feetures, or Drymax sock will keep your feet nice and dry even though it may be pouring around you. Plus, it will help avoid blisters. Who doesn't love dry feet on a run?

4) Visibility

When it's raining, you must make sure you take extra steps to be visible to traffic. Rain can lower visibility for motorists, so wear bright colors and other reflective materials. This will help make you even more visible to cars, keeping everyone safe on the roads.

5) Drying your shoes after the run

After you run, your shoes will most likely be pretty wet. A great way to dry them out is to take the sock liner out and stuff newspaper in them to allow the newspaper to absorb the water. Another solution involves putting the shoes in front of the fan of your refrigerator to allow cooler air to blow through them. Or, if you have boot dryer, stick them on there and set the temperature to cool.


These are just a few of our tips for making your rainy run a great one. Are there any we're forgetting? How do you rock your runs when the weather is less than ideal?

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