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Importance of Reflectivity

With Labor Day now behind us, fall is right around the corner. That means reflectivity when you're out on the roads is more important than ever. What do we mean by reflectivity? When you're out running, biking, or walking, it's so important to be visible to traffic around you, and it's especially important in low light conditions. Bright and/or neon clothing is a start, but it's vital to have even more than that. Most shoes nowadays include a reflective piece on them, and running clothes are starting to add elements of reflectivity to their items. However, we recommend purchasing gear specifically designed to make you seen. Lucky for you all, our friends at Nathan came up with a black light collection that's SUPER reflective, and we just got them in here at Fleet Feet! We've got handheld water bottles, waist packs, vests, handheld lights, light spurs, light benders, and more - all designed to improve your reflectivity. Depending on the item, you could be spotted up to 1200 feet away, giving vehicles much more time to react to you on the road and keeping you much safer. Invest in your safety and purchase reflective items today.

Black Light Bottle

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