Got Plantar Fasciitis? We can help!

Have you been experiencing the dreaded heel or arch pain that can be associated with plantar fasciitis? While this injury can sideline many and lead to headaches, fear not! We offer many tools that can alleviate the pain and ultimately get you back up and running.

One of the most valuable steps one can take to heal plantar fasciitis is through muscle maintenance. As you all know, everything in the body is connected, so oftentimes, plantar fasciitis is can be due to a tight calf or soleus muscle. This is why it's so important to take care of our muscles each day by using various massage tools. Some of the tools we carry include using foam rollers by Run MD, massage tools by Addaday, and Trigger Point. To top it off, we even offer a Muscle Maintenance class every first Monday of the month to show you how to use these tools. How neat is that? We're passionate about muscle massage and its benefits and love offering advice to others about it.

Another key aspect of health to take into account when treating plantar fasciitis is hydration. Now, you may be thinking, "But I drink plenty of water each day!" Yes, water is crucial to hydration, but its also important to replace electrolytes that you're losing during exercise and throughout the day. We offer three great electrolyte replacements in Nuun, Skratch, and salt tablets. Here at Fleet Feet, we like to say, "A tight muscle is a thirsty muscle!" Long story short, my friends, keep your muscles hydrated to avoid the tight muscles that can lead to plantar fasciitis.

Additionally, it is so important to wear a supportive insert or orthotic of some kind. Some of you may wear a custom-made orthotic which is great, and if it is working for you, continue to use it. Others of you may benefit from trying a Superfeet or Powerstep insert, both of which we carry. These are going to provide shock absorption and natural cushioning to the foot while exercising. They will also provide support to an already rigid arch and stabilize a flexible arch. Ultimately, they'll support and align your feet, helping you to work more efficiently from heel to toe and hopefully preventing plantar fasciitis.

Well, there you have it, loyal Fleet Feeters. These are just a few of the tools we offer that can help cure your plantar fasciitis. Stop by our store and talk with one of our FIT Specialists for more details about these and other options we carry to help with your fitness needs.

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