Foam Rolling 101 - Hurts So Good!

Tons of RVA folks come to us for relief from some sort of pain, whether it be tight hammies, IT Band Syndrome, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, stress fracture, or lingering child-early adulthood-injuries. Relief can be found in a new pair of shoes, inserts or muscle maintenance. (often, all three) Shoes and Superfeet - The Premium Insole are pretty much a no-brainer; but the art of Foam Rolling is an obscure and fringe one... just on the edge of truly taking public flight. So listen up, everyone. Foam rollers and ‪#‎Addaday‬ sticks are YOUR FRIEND. There is good pain and bad pain; and what we have at Fleet Feet Sports Richmond will definitely provide the former, if managed regularly. Come in and see us, we have what you are looking for... but in the meantime, this video will get you started.

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