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Fall is Here!

Yesterday marked the first day of Fall, and Mother Nature apparently wanted everyone to know with the cooler, Fall-like temperatures we are experiencing here in Richmond. The beginning of Fall brings up a few important discussion points when it comes to running and exercising.

  • Fall Races
How many of you out there are training for a marathon or half marathon this Fall? This area boasts several great races including the Richmond Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon. We're actually only about 7 weeks out from Richmond - how did summer pass so quickly? Now is the time to be thinking about new shoes for the big race. You want to purchase them with enough time to break them in for race day. A great transition plan would involve wearing your new shoes only for your long runs while wearing the older shoes on the short runs. Eventually, as the old shoes wear out, you can begin wearing the new ones on more of your runs until you're ready for race day. Additionally, you should be experimenting with various nutrition options to find which works best for you. Lucky for you all, here at Fleet Feet, we're holding a Sample Saturday event on October 11th where you can try some of the nutrition and hydration options that we carry.
  • Reflectivity

We've mentioned the importance of reflectivity in previous posts, but it really cannot be stressed enough. With shorter daylight hours, reflectivity is a must on your run or walk. Here at Fleet Feet, we carry Nathan reflective products, and they've just released a new collection of reflectivity called Black Light. These products are uber-reflective and are visible from far distances. When running in the dark, it's important to not only wear passive light, or reflectivity, but also blinking lights that can be seen before headlights reach you. Additionally, our Fall apparel from Brooks and Saucony has elements of reflectivity. In case you're thinking that just wearing a white shirt is enough, it's not. Check out this video from Nathan about reflectivity.



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