Exercise Tip Thursday - New Shoes

Here it is, Thursday again, which means it's time for Exercise Tip Thursday! This week, we're talking about the importance of shoes. Now, this may seem like an obvious topic that doesn't need much discussion, but we're here to provide details about shoes that you may not have previously known.

For instance, did you know that you should replace your running/walking shoes every 300-500 miles? You may be thinking, "But my shoes aren't worn all the way through!" or "The soles still look ok." We are here to tell you, my friends, that the midsole, or cushioning, of your shoes start to break down before the soles show a significant amount of wear. This is because the outsole is designed to withstand high wear and is designed accordingly. Areas of the outsole are made with blown rubber and carbon rubber to keep the shoe as light as possible while still making it durable.

Did you know that your body will often let you know when it's time for new shoes? If you're experiencing any aches or pains in terms of hip, knee or any type of joint pain, it may be time for new shoes. Your current shoe is likely not providing the cushioning and shock absorption that you need in order to run efficiently. 

If you've found yourself in our store, you may know that we offer a FIT process for our customers looking for shoes. Proper fit of shoes is so important when it comes to preventing injuries. Shoes that are too short or too long can lead to a host of ailments including black toenails, plantar fasciitis, and other pains. Part of our assessment of fit involves determining whether the widest part of the foot is in the widest part of the shoe and whether there is ample room in the length. We recommend sizing up a full shoe size from what you are measured at in order to prevent those previously mentioned injuries. 

Inserts can also be an important addition to your shoes that will provide even more support to your foot than the shoes can offer to you. Shoes are flat on the inside with the assumption that consumers will add a support that compliments all dimensions of the foot. Our most popular insert that we sell is Superfeet. These inserts help align the foot and body and ultimately, help you take less steps. They can also help with common running ailments.

Here at Fleet Feet, we carry what we feel are the best of the best shoes in the industry. We have neutral, stability, and trail shoe options, and our shoes also come in widths and narrows. 

Not sure if it's time for new shoes? We can help with that, too. Stop by our store with your old shoes, and we'd be happy to take a look at them to let you know if they've got life left or if it's time to trade them in for a new pair. The bottom line is, no matter how many miles your shoes have on them, you should replace them at least once each year.

Which shoe is your favorite? Are you looking to try a new brand or shoe? Come in to our store today, and let's talk.

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