Exercise Tip Thursday - Layering

Hi friends! Here it is, Thursday again, which means it's time for your latest exercise tip on Exercise Tip Thursday. With the cooler temperatures we've recently been experiencing here in RVA, today's topic will center around the importance of layering while you're outside being active. 

When choosing how to dress for an activity like running, it's important to consider that your body will run warmer while you're out. Therefore, we recommend dressing as if it's 10 degrees warmer than what the temperature is outside (of course, that doesn't take into account windchills). As a first layer on top, it is important to choose a solid base layer. You're going to want an apparel piece that will hug the body to provide warmth to your core. Here at Fleet Feet, we offer several great base layer options for both men and women. To go on top of the base layer, you're going to want a piece that is a bit thicker to provide warmth and block the wind. A jacket or down vest will do the trick. As far as bottoms go, depending on how cold the temperature is, you may want to start with a pair of tights to hug the lower half. This is a similar idea to the base layer on top. Over the tights, you may opt for a pair of shorts or a pair of running pants. If you should choose to skip the tights, we recommend shorts and a pair of pants over the top of those. The last, but certainly not least, layer to consider is what you'll wear over your extremities. A hat or headband is a good option for your head and gloves are great for the hands.

Again, your layering is going to depend on the temperature outside and your personal preferences. The most important aspect of layering is to experiment and learn what types of layers you prefer for different conditions. Not sure what to wear as the temperatures turn cooler? Stop in and check out our new fall and cold weather gear. We can help you find apparel pieces that will help you enjoy your next run in colder weather. Who says you have to stop running outside when the seasons change?

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