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Exercise Tip Thursday - Cross Training

Sure, we all love to be outside walking and running, but do you spend time cross training during the week? Taking a break from running or walking to do cross training activities is just as important as walking and running for your weekly workouts. Cross training is important because it allows you to work other muscles that you're not working during running or walking, and ultimately, it helps you to perform at an even higher level.

You may be wondering, "What is cross training?" Well, my friends, cross-training is any activity that isn't walking or running. So, that means swimming, biking, interval training, weight lifting, pilates, yoga, you get the picture, all count. Luckily for you all, we've got some great community partners that offer those cross-training activities.

Styles Group Fitness:

Style Logo

Our neighbors and good friends at Styles offer a variety of classes all designed specifically for women. That's why it's a women only boutique fitness studio. Each class is limited to 7 or 8 ladies, so you are sure to get the personal attention that you need to ensure the best results. They focus on utilizing body weight in each class, meaning there are no machines like you might expect at a typical gym. 

CrossFit Addict:

CrossFit Addict Logo

Looking for a great way to cut your training time in half? Our friends at CrossFit Addict can help! For those of you unfamiliar with CrossFit, it is a strength and conditioning program comprised of varied workouts done at high intensities. You may be thinking that it sounds difficult and intimidating. Not to worry! Each workout is designed to scale to all fitness levels, so everyone can benefit from participating.

Pure Barre - Near West End:

Pure Barre Logo

You may have heard about barre classes as they've become increasingly more popular. Our friends at Pure Barre - Near West End will teach you to use a ballet barre to perform small, isometric movements designed to tone and lengthen muscles. You'll work your seat, thighs, abs, and arms, all while burning fat. Plus, the instructors are upbeat, and you get to listen to great music. You can't beat that!

There you have it, my friends. Cross training is so important for staying healthy during your running and walking regimens. What is your favorite cross training activity?

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