Save the planet while you run


It's so disheartening, infuriating even, to go out for a run or walk and find your path strewn with garbage. Not only is litter bad for the planet, but now your otherwise mood-boosting activity has been disrupted by frustration at others' disregard for public spaces, anxiety over environmental crises, and probably utter incredulity that someone just threw their styrofoam cup to the ground when the trashcan is seriously right there. Your options here are: A) Pick up the trash, continue on your way with someone's gross beer can/takeout bag/any number of other horrors in your hand and desperately hope there's a trashcan on your route; or B) Bypass the trash, feel guilty, spend the rest of your run silently cursing humanity.

Turns out, there is a word for option A: Plogging. The word "plogging" is a portmanteau of jogging and the Swedish plocka upp, meaning "pick up;" it's literally running and picking up trash. Since its origin in Sweden, plogging has spread internationally through social media (search #plogging on Instagram!), spawning dedicated plogging groups and encouraging individual runners and walkers to grab gloves and trash bags on their way out the door. Aside from the obvious environmental benefit, ploggers have cited the additional core workout of repeated bending or squatting as further incentive to incorporate trash pickup into your runs.

Inspired to start plogging? Join us this Saturday for our first plogging outing!

When: Saturday, January 11 at 8 AM
Where: Meet at Cameron Village Regional Library
1930 Clark Ave, Raleigh, NC 27605
What to expect: We'll start at Cameron Village Library and spread out in the surrounding Cameron Village area towards Peace Street. We will run for approximately an hour; there is no distance goal.

*Trash bags and gloves will be provided. All ages and paces welcome.


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