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Shopping local matters.

We probably don't need to tell most of you why it's important to shop local - because you already do! But in case you're easily swayed by the convenience of online shopping, we offer this reminder that local stores, and running stores in particular, provide much more than the products they sell; they build and grow communities.

In today’s increasingly digital-focused society, it’s more important than ever to envelop ourselves in community. We’re often detached throughout much of our lives, hiding behind a screen, sending communication through the long maze of the internet. Because the internet plays such a significant role in most of our lives, it’s easy to shop there, too. But it’s not always the best choice ... especially when it comes to running. runners, we crave a hub in our community where we can gather. It just so happens that more often than not, that hub also serves as a retail space. But that’s not why we go there to begin with.

First, we go because we know it’s the place to meet like-minded folks to hit the roads, the track or the trail with. And then later, we go because our shoes are worn out, we need nutrition for a long run, we seek race advice or need a new fall layer. We shop there because “there” is where our community begins. We shop there because we know we can trust the salespeople on the floor because, like us, they’re out putting in miles early on Saturday morning. Read more...

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