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OOFOS recovery sandals

At $40 it truly is the best recovery flip-flop I’ve ever put on my feet.

What’s an OOFOS? Great question, but before I answer your question let me start by saying I was first introduced to this product at the 2012 Boston Marathon Expo. You remember, the year it was 85 degrees before any of the runners even started the race. Ugh. Not a very good race for me, but that’s for another time. 

At the expo, I was walking around with my friends Marc and Michelle and we stumbled upon the OOFOS booth. We glanced over and saw a lot of energy and excitement so we had to check it out. What we saw appeared, at first glance, to be just another flip flop. This is what all the commotion was about – REALLY?  Since we had fought our way in, we figured we’d at least give them a try. I told the nice sales associate my size. I guess she saw the doubt on my face, because she gave me a knowing look, and said reassuringly, “Just try them on.” I put them on my feet, and she said, “Walk around as far as you want to go.”  I didn’t need more than a few steps. I immediately fell in love with the best flip flops I had every put on my feet.  I started going on and on about how comfortable they were and immediately realized what all the commotion was about. Seeing the excitement on my face, Michelle tried on a pair and fell in love, too. 

OOFOS 2While Michelle was walking around the Expo in her try-on pair, I chatted with the OOFOS sales associate. She told me that OOFOS was a new company, just a couple months old, and that they were trying to build their brand.  She listed the sandals’ benefits: durable, machine-washable, supportive. Per the OOFOS website: “No matter how much you are on the move during the day, OOFOS' proprietary OOfoamTM technology and patented footbed provide unparalleled impact absorption, comfort and support while reducing fatigue and enhancing recovery.” Michelle and I each bought a pair right then.

The sandals’ first test came two days later, the day after the marathon, when we planned a day of sight-seeing around Boston. Exhausted and sore, I decided to wear my new OOFOS. I walked around the city all day without pain or discomfort. At $40 it truly is the best recovery flip-flop I’ve ever put on my feet.

After my return home I began wearing my OOFOS everywhere. Many of my running friends, curious at first, have become converts.  But we were limited to buying them online and at race expos because no one in Raleigh carried them . . . until now.  I am happy to say that Fleet Feet Sports Raleigh is the first retailer in the Raleigh market to carry this great recovery sandal in both OOFOS OOriginal (flip flop style) and OOFOS OOAHH slide. We carry them in a variety of colors: periwinkle, melon, navy, and black.

OOFOS 3Kerry Seal currently owns three pairs of OOFOS, but now that they’re available close to home, that number is sure to rise.

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