One Step At A Time

If you run or walk the sidewalks and greenways of Raleigh, there's a good chance you've seen store owners Bob & Kathy Morris out enjoying their daily stroll. Since June 2018, Kathy has run or walked at least four miles a day, every day, no matter the weather. She just passed the 1,000-day mark of her walking streak last month, and she's still going strong!
When did your streak start?
June 2018
What inspired you? 
I mainly walk for health. My husband, Bob, started a streak.  I decided if he could do this, I could too.  He was already at 66 days when I started, so unless he breaks his streak, I can't catch up. 
How do you get motivated to walk on days when it's cold, or rainy, or extremely hot and humid?
Bob and I usually walk together so he helps get me out the door.  But I also have my competitive nature to thank.  I don't like to lose, and if I break my streak, it's like losing. I've found that if I dress for the weather I'm comfortable enough. Sideways rain is the worst.
What do you think about when you walk?
Sometimes I think about my to-do list, but mostly I try not to think too much and just enjoy the scenery. I especially like watching the seasons change and the cloud formations.
What are your favorite places to walk around Raleigh?
I like walking with Bob on Reedy Creek Road toward Umstead Park.  It is quiet and peaceful. The horses are always out, and sometimes we get lucky and spot some deer or a hawk.
During pre-Covid times, you did a fair amount of traveling. Any memorable walks from those trips?
The Notch Trail at Badlands National Park included a log ladder you climb 50 feet straight up. Going up was no probem, but climbing down was a bit scary. Fortunately the scenery at the top was beautiful and worth the fright.
I know at one point you and Bob were talking about walking the whole Capital Area Greenway System. Did you ever try that? How much of it have you walked?
It was a good idea, but we haven't made much progress.
How does your walk affect the rest of your day?
It's more like how does the rest of the day affect my walk. It's kind of crazy, but every day, I look at the weather and my schedule to figure out the best time to fit my walk in.  If I can't fit the walk in before early afternoon, I start to worry about getting all my steps. There have been a couple of times I had to finish getting a good portion of my steps in the dark, not my favorite time to walk.
How long do you think you'll go? Any goals for the future?
When I first started, I thought if I made it 50 days, it would be a miracle because there are always other things to do. Over 1,000 days later, I'm just taking it a day at the time.

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