"No Ninjas!"

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The News & Observer ran a great story yesterday about running after dark in the weeks and months after we turn our clocks back an hour.

Among the highlights was a quote from Nora Hannapel, the training program coordinator at Fleet Feet in Carrboro, that sums up our feelings on running safety:

“You need your core illuminated ... but you also want reflective accessories on your shoes or limbs to help outline your body, so someone driving will pick that up, fill in the shape, and know you’re a person,” Hannapel said. “We don’t want to see any ninjas out there for nighttime running – no ninjas.”

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Above, check out a photo from our fall No Boundaries training program. Our runners always make sure they can be seen when they're out on the road! We carry a wide variety of reflective accessories in the store. Whenever I run or walk the dog at dusk or later, I make sure I'm wearing a relfective vest and at least one blinking light. Some runners and walkers are turned off by the appearance of a reflective vest. If you want something more stylish, a lot of our new winter apparel and shoes include 360-degree reflective detailing that allows you to stand out in a more refined manner. Feel free to drop by and ask us for tips any time!

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