Inspired to Train Better

It's week two of Inspiration Month, and this week we focused on training. Once again our friends at The Endurance Edge stopped by to talk to us about how to train smarter, run properly, and recover faster. Check out some of their tips to get the most out of your training:

Chris Newport, Head Coach at The Endurance Edge

  • Don't try to make every run your fastest run. The majority of your training should be "low and slow" - about 80% of your miles should be done at a slow to moderate pace, with 20% focusing on speed. This will help you build fitness while avoiding injuries from overtraining.
  • Obey the 10% rule: don't increase mileage by more than 10% a week.

Jon Paryz, Physical Therapist

  • See a physical therapist BEFORE you start training to prevent injuries instead of waiting to get injured.
  • Over-striding is the number one cause of injury for runners. You can avoid over-striding by increasing cadence - taking shorter, quicker strides. The ideal minimal cadence is 160-190 strides per minute. (No, you don't have to count every step; there are several free cadence apps available!)

Sheri Lawler, Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Some trainers have advised against massage immediately before a race or important training run. In fact, the timing of the massage is less important than the intent. So, it's totally fine to get a gentle relaxation massage the day before your race, but save the deep tissue work for another time.
  • During training, aim for a professional massage once a month. This helps you maintain good form; promotes circulation, breaks up scar tissue, and keeps muscles loose and pliable.

Need more inspiration? Join us next week for Inspired to Sleep BetterChris Newport from The Endurance Edge and Jennifer Stromberg, MD from Carolina Family Practice and Sports Medicine will tell us how to improve our sleep for optimal recovery.

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