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How to Embrace Winter Running

Snowstorms here in the South occur seldom enough, and tend to melt off quickly enough, that many of us never need to confront our dislike (or even fear of) running in winter weather. We can allow ourselves a day off, or move to the treadmill for a couple runs, and soon enough the snow and ice are gone and we're back to a brisk but tolerable 40 degrees and running as usual. It's fairly rare that our winters get so extreme as to sideline a weather-averse runner for long. But as this year's uncharacteristically early winter storm abates with plenty of time in the season for more frigid temps and icy sidewalks, it might be time to learn to embrace running in all seasons.

Minnesota-based runner and writer McKenzie L. Harvey suggests practicing mindfulness - maintaining awareness of your in-the-moment thoughts, feelings, and environment - to overcome the anxiety that might be keeping you inside.

The major issue I face when it comes to getting in winter training is simply making it out the door. I drag my feet and worry about the “what-ifs,” needlessly wasting time and mental energy. Once I drag myself from couch to trail, I’ve calculated it takes no more than five blocks to warm up and feel comfortable, even on some of the most brutal days.

Mindfulness simply calls you to focus on the present moment—what’s directly in front of you. This means that instead of worrying about how cold you’re going to be or how much the run is going to suck, you concentrate on lacing up your shoes, layering up and hitting the trail. No back-and-forth and no wasting time checking the weather app in hopes it’s gained a degree or two.

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