Gift Guide: Staff Picks


Need some gift ideas for your favorite runners? We asked some of our staff what they'd love to receive this year. 


Sharon's Pick: Addaday Boomerang Massager, $48 

addaday boomerang


Brian's Pick: Nike Pegasus 34, $110

Brian says: "Cushioned for the long run and light and nimble for boot camp style workouts."

men's nike pegasus  


Jacob's Pick: TriggerPoint Grid Roller, $65 (long); $45 (short)

trigger point grid roller


Tyler's Pick: CEP Compression Sleeves, $40

cep calf sleeves 

Stacy's Pick: Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Headphones, $130 online, $100 in store

Stacy says: "Great for women running outside so we can hear cars/people approaching."



Bill's Pick: Oofos Sandals, $45-$65

Bill says: "OOFOS!!!"



Lily's Pick: Brooks Dash Armwarmers, $28 in-store only

Lily says: "They have thumbs!"

 brooks dash armwarmers


Anna's Pick: Brooks Launch 5, $100

brooks launch 5


Andy's Pick: NipEaze, $7 (15 pairs) in-store only

Andy says: "I'm not joking! Discreet, sweat resistant, and one set lasts for 16 hours. And, no more vaseline or Body Glide residue."



fitnatic gift guide

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