Finish the Run for Ahmaud Arbery

One year ago 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down by two white supremacists while out on a run. Despite the murder being caught on video, Arbery's killers were not arrested for 74 days. Arbery's death brought into public conversation the safety concerns many BIPOC runners have, and the delayed response from law enforcement was another stark example of the inequity inherent in our justice system.

The 2:23 Foundation was subsequently founded to address racism and systemic injustice by providing young people in Black and brown communities with opportunities to become civically engaged and get involved in social justice advocacy.

To mark the anniversary of Ahmaud's murder, the 2:23 Foundation invites everyone to Finish the Run: Run, walk, or bike 2.23 miles anytime between February 23 and March 2. The registration fee for this virtual event is $23 and all proceeds will go to a scholarship fund providing young people with resources to pursue careers as lawyers, local leaders, policymakers, and social engineers.

Everyone deserves to feel safe while running. Sign up, donate, and help finish the run that was senselessly cut short for Ahmaud Arbery.


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