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You Know You're A Runner When...

You know you're a runner when...

Here is what Tacoma and Pacific Northwesterners had to say: 

"You can't do a week without running!" -Mikahil Pavlyuchenko

"When my Garmin/Suunto are worth more than my car"-Quinn Ottaway

"Painfully hobbling down stairs after a trail marathon gives you a sense of pride." -Rob McNair-Huff

"When you get FOMO when your friends get excited about registering for a trail run!" -Eric Schlytter

"You have more running shoes in your closet than all others combined." -Marylee Martucci

"You have more running shoes than work shoes. And you have multiple shoes that you use and rotate per week!!!" -Nicole Fujie

"When your legs hurt from previous run but you can't be still for longer then a couple hours so you just say to yourself "I'll go for a short one" biggest lie ever." -Mikahil Pavlyuchenko

"When you can rate various types of plants based on their usefulness as toilet paper." -Jeff Camp

"You have a broken ankle and want to cry every time you see others running. My reality!" - Jennifer Lynn Victorino (Sad!) 

"You're wiling to be late to Thanksgiving so you can run the local Turkey Trot!"- Jen Yeatman

"When you feel like a pedicure is a total waste of money because you'll either be wearing running shoes or losing toenails and polish from running so much." -Elya Baltazar

"You wake up the next morning and your legs have informed you of their revolution." -Kevin Myers

"Your google calendar is filled with registration dates and times so you don't plan something during the cheapest registration window." -David Wells

"When you are on a cool work trip, and you are jealous of others who get to go to the weekly store run." -Kyle Switzer

"You sign your 1 year old up for a race!" -Emily MacMillian

"You have a pile of used running shoes in your bedroom. Also you are running during yesterday's windstorm because you have a race coming up and don't want to miss your long run day." -Marc Patota

"You can't sleep well unless you did at least a short run that day!" -Shelly Nog (However you spell your last name! lol)

"You ice your knee before and after a run just to keep running." -Carol MacLeod

"You simultaneously cheer on and loathe the person you drive past that's running when you had to skip that day." -Elya Baltazar

"You call in sick at work to run a race that day." -Robert Dees (Should we keep this one a secret?!)

"You can't start a run until your Garmin has located the satellites!" -Zach Zimmerman

"You know your a runner when you drive and think, I could have run this." -Adam Parker

"When you over-analyze how many gel packs you should have brought to to get you a few minutes faster on a trail run!" -Eric Schyletter

"You sleep in your race outfit..." -Matt Piper

"When you spend your free time googling races, how certain shoes are made, and how to train for ultra's on your free time....even after you got off a nine hour shift from a running store!"-Kember Greco

"When you go to Red Hot after a run and you don't feel guilty…" -Matt Wood

"When you see it is storming outside, but you know the most awesome motivators are still running the Sunday Point Defiance Trail Run!" -Eric Schyletter

"You get Pneumonia. And say The only way to get over this is to run!!!"-Roger Crewse

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