What Exactly is a Try-on Event?

Try-on events are a special service we offer at Fleet Feet Sports.  While we realize that customers may not be shopping at a try-on event, we believe many of you appreciate being able to experience the various fits, models, and features of the products we offer, first-hand.

For this reason, we invite vendors to our store for the sole purpose of allowing our customers to take their products on a run for a realistic experience rather than simply walking a few feet in a pair of shoes or modeling apparel in front of a dressing room mirror.

There is truly only one way to know how reflective a jacket is, how light a new minimalist shoe feels, or if you prefer hand-held bottles to a hydration belt.

If you've ever wondered how one brand's fit compares to what you are wearing now, or thought about how much time you might shave off your run with the latest mid-sole technology, this is where you learn risk-free.


Fleet Feet sports Try-on events.  Try one.

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