The FFRC Takes on Chicago!

Congratulations to Fleet Feet Pittsburgh's own Deb Doyle (3:42:47), Kyle Pusateri-Nilson (2:59:12) and Alex Tallman (2:49:43) for their outstanding PR's and performances at the Chicago Marathon this past Sunday. The next time you see them in the store or out on a run, be sure to congratulate them on their amazing accomplishments!

Deb Doyle | 3:42:47

Kyle Pusateri-Nilson | 2:59:12

Alex Tallman | 2:49:43

Fleet Feet Running Club Finish Times & PRs

Erin Betler: 3:48:42

Rebekah Seewald: 4:09:36

Erin Holliday: 4:09:42

April Kaminsky: 4:20:16

Lisa Fedorowski: 4:24:12

Vaughn Schmid: 4:29:09

Shannon Indof: 5:00:38

Reisha Tapolci: 5:00:36

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