Cold Weather Running Hacks

Between bitterly cold long runs and snowy track workouts, our staff has run through it all. Aside from being a little crazy, we have some tips and tricks that help keep us safe, warm and most importantly- off the treadmill.

Here are our cold weather hacks! 

"My hands are always cold, so I like to layer gloves just like I layer apparel. Try wearing a thin glove with a mitten on top to trap in the heat, and stick a hand warmer in between." - Ian Katz

"Double up on your Buff! For those of us with long hair, a Buff around your ears fits better than a hat, but covers you up more than a headband. I like to wear one around my neck and one on my head. Bonus points if it's merino wool." -Emily Sagun

"CW-X compression tights are great all year round, but they're especially nice in the winter. The compression keeps your muscles loose and warmed up to prevent injury, and the snug fit makes them great for layering under pants for those really cold days." -Brad Popple

"Trail shoes work great on snowy days. I like the The HOKA Speed Goat because its soft cushioning makes it comfortable enough for the roads, but the Vibram outsole provides awesome traction in slippery conditions." - Alex Tallman

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