"Price isn't everything when it comes to running shoes" as seen in the Washington Post

By Pat Sweeny, Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento Store Owner 

I couldn’t sleep last night. I found myself thinking about the article I read yesterday with the headline that blared “You’ll save A LOT of money buying running shoes online.”

That insight – that you can find cheap shoes on the Internet – isn’t particularly new. Of course you can, along with old furniture, the complete collection of “Welcome Back Kotter,” and the prom dress you wore in 1987. Yet I – the proud co-owner of Fleet Feet Sports in Sacramento, Calif. along with my wife, Jan – reacted to it like it was the first time anyone had said it.

“Online” has become the word that shall not be said when it comes to small and locally-owned businesses. It touts immediate access and convenience. It creates volatility and inconsistency in pricing, And it sure doesn’t have to worry about shelf space – it has endless aisles.

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