One Million Scans (and counting...)

One Million Scans

Since 2017, our outfitters have used 3D foot scanners to help runners see their feet the way we do. That data informs how we outfit runners, and it helped us design a new running shoe from the ground up. We just hit one million scans! So, while we're celebrating today, we're already dreaming about what's possible tomorrow.

What We've Found

• 2X as many women as men need a wide shoe
• 40% of both women and men have high arches
• 1 in 5 have a half size difference between their left and right foot!

Karhu Ikoni

The Karhu Ikoni is a revolutionary development in the world of running shoes. This is the first shoe that was shaped by data from Fleet Feet 3D foot scan images. Get the inside scoop and discover the Ikoni.

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