Specialist Spotlight: My New Fast

Specialist Spotlight: a place for our staff to sound off about what's happening in their running world! This post by Miwa Soto, Fit Specialist. 

For many runners, fast means attaining a new PR, beating a Strava segment, or placing in their age group. In fact, many runners reserve the phrase “fast” for professional runners, or other runners whose times they will never personally achieve.

 Running my first 5K (in the orange tank)

Running My First 5K (in the orange tank)

But what about those of us who aren’t, and won’t be, professional runners? What about those of us who suspect our days of PRing are over? Should we relegate ourselves to the category of “jogger,” or can we find our new fast?

I started running just six years ago. After prioritizing my roles as mom, wife, and interpreter for the deaf, I finally made a place for myself on my list of priorities. Workout videos, swimming, and running became gifts I gave to myself.


Running My First Half Marathon

In my first year running I did a 5K, a 10K, and then a half marathon—I was hooked. I finished with a 2:16 for my first half marathon. Not too shabby for a lifelong swimmer. The following year I joined a Fleet Feet training group and set my sights on running a sub-two-hour half. My training paid off and I ran a 1:58. Dropping 18 minutes is pretty dramatic, and I realized another huge drop was unlikely.


Setting My Half Marathon PR!

Over the next couple of years, I whittled my PR down another couple of minutes. But I had to acknowledge the day would come when I wouldn’t PR in a race. I had to re-evaluate my perception of fast if I wanted to continue to feel successful as a runner.

For me, it has been a long process to let go of fast equating with a new PR, and I still struggle with the fact that PRing may be history for me. Now, running is about spending time with friends, getting out and moving, staying healthy, and feeling great. I am focused on creating a new concept of “fast.” Fun and fitness are my new fast. What’s your fast?


Running My First 10K

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