Coach Selena's Fit Tips: LOVE Your Gut

It all starts with the core.

An apple a day...

What do the following symptoms have in common?

  • Bloating
  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Depression
  • Resistant weight loss

Can you guess what’s at the root of all those expressions? 

It’s your core, or rather, your GUT. 

It’s true! The health of that long twisting tube deep-seated in your abdomen is a key factor in a host of health situations. And those situations might not be a “condition” in and of themselves, but instead a manifestation that something’s gone awry in your primary organ of digestion.

You can consider these symptoms in that same arena: gas ~ constipation ~ diarrhea ~ sensitivities to certain foods ~ headaches ~ asthma ~ decreased immunity ~ brain fog ~ anxiety ~ and the list goes on. . .

When your digestive system is suffering, you are too. And when you are a runner, tummy trouble is the LAST thing you want to deal with.

Five Ways to Love Your Gut

  1. Slow down: Digestion starts in the mouth. When you CHEW thoroughly, your entire system is able to work better. Aim to chew your food 25 – 30 times PER BITE. And your post-workout smoothie…yup – CHEW that too! 
  2. Build up your defense: Taking a probiotic daily is vital to establishing a healthy intestinal lining. This is the barrier between your food and your bloodstream! FYI: most of us need much more than ONE per day. Work with a holistic health provider to decide what dose works for you. 
  3. Eat fermented foods: Another great way to get in some good bacteria is to eat traditionally fermented foods such as kim chee, sauerkraut, kefir, and miso.
  4. Take out the offenders: Gluten, dairy, sugar, and processed foods wage a war against your gut lining and allow the ‘criminals’ to get into the bloodstream.
  5. Rest and digest: Giving your gut a break can have tremendous results on relieving many of the symptoms I mentioned above. Joining in on a group detox specific for digestive health would be a PERFECT way to get started.

Need help getting back on track? Check out my Summer Body Blast – 7 Day Detox (with a focus on gut health).

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