Coach Selena's Fit Tips: Gaining Training Weight?

Have you noticed when you up your game, you up your weight? 

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Frustrated that your pudge won’t budge, even with more miles on your running shoes?

Take a HARD look at your nutrition.

  1. Overeating because you “earned it." Did you start running as an exercise program to lose weight?  If so, you are thwarting your efforts with the mentality that those added calories were “earned.” This is the time to find flavor and pleasure in healthier foods…not MORE food.
  2. Carb loading. To prime yourself before a big race, you do need some reserves in the form of excess glycogen (stored sugars). The problem is, new runners may translate that into needing to “carb load” before every workout AND using it as an excuse to pound down the crackers, cake, and bread.
  3. Pre/Post-workout meals. Your pre-workout snack will depend on the length of your run or workout and when you had your last meal.  The post-workout meal could be nothing more than your dinner!  Don’t be fooled into thinking that extra meals are an absolute necessity, especially if weight loss is your goal.
  4. Sports Drinks. BEWARE! Some of these drinks are loaded with sugar and calories. Water works perfectly, so don’t forgo the basics. If you need to hydrate in very hot and humid conditions or for an extended workout, then you could add in an electrolyte or drink coconut water.
  5. Excessive gels, bars, engineered foods. While these may seem important, it all boils down to this: REAL FOOD ROCKS. If you have a choice between an apple and an “apple bar”, pick the REAL food.  Gels have their place, but truly, you can fuel correctly and perform great without them. In my sprint triathlons, I stopped using gels and my times got BETTER.

Nutrition information can be overwhelming. Take this tip and apply it to your eating plan. You are working hard to make a change. You just need to allow your body to do it!

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Selena Maestas Moffitt is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach helping overwhelmed professionals curb their exhaustion, reclaim their sanity, and get back to kicking-ass at life. Her belief is, “It’s not just about the food.” Her ability to heal overburden bodies in the world is expanding as she works to launch her latest endeavor: The Love YOU More project.

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