Your comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there

As competitive and technical runners, we at Fleet Feet Orlando can think of a hundred things to improve or, as January 1st famously states, turn into a New Years Resolution. However, a resolution implies that there is a problem to resolve and a problem is more than likely to be associated as negative and unwanted. As humans, we are constantly making errors and correcting them; it is how we learn and it is part of human nature. But we are not "problems". We are flawed, yes. Even imperfect and blemished, but those flaws, imperfections, and blemishes are what make us unique and unstoppable. They are not meant to be corrected or resolved. As imperfect as each of us are, we're constantly learning and growing. In fact, the only way to grow is to experience some type of imperfection. Whether thats heartbreak, death, or some other form of pain, it is how humans adapt.

Challenge YourselfThe 800-meter Olympian Boris Berian was living on a friends couch and working the McDonalds morning shift for a while before he made the U.S. Olympic Track Team. Homelessness, a possibly painful chapter in his life, was not a problem that needed to be resolved because he was continuing to pursue his dream. Berian didn't have to fix himself. Surely he was not comfortable living on a friends couch, and he had to face adversity, yet he stepped out of his comfort zone, and that is where he grew. Boris Berian's discomfort simply evolved him into the Olympian he is today.

So if you're in a dark place right now, as painful as it feels, you won't be there forever, and more than likely you will come out shiny and new. If you're not in that dark place, eventually you will be. Embrace it. Do not let us take credit in the following quote, but do take your time in understanding, your comfort zone is a beautiful place. But nothing ever grows there;. So stop trying to lose those 5 pounds and stop saying you'll save money this year. You're not a problem who needs to be fixed. Simply put, you are a creature who perpetually grows. Let yourself grow surrounded by love and kindness, and you'll never have to fix a thing in your life. Except maybe a flat tire. Those things don't grow like us.

By Grace Madigan


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