The New Balance 860v5, is Where Streets meet Smarts!

The Go-To Stability Shoe for Moderate Overpronators

Streets, Meet Smarts. The innovative New Balance 860v5

The go to stability shoe for moderate overpronators has been renovated, and has come back better than ever! The new 860v5 comes in with that familiar New Balance feel, but even better that it’s predecessors. The introduction of various new technologies married with the reliable fundamentals of the previous versions has created the version 5 that is a step-up luxury, while still being a reliable go-to stability shoe.

For those looking for a cushioned yet supportive shoe, look no further. The ABSORB and ACTEVA foams both assist in shock absorption and cushioning from heel to forefoot. Between the two foams of the midsole, you can find small circular holes towards the lateral rear foot, which are designed for release and smooth compression on impact. The upper materials infused into the 860v5 are generously soft, which allows for an overall soft feel but still maintaining comfort throughout your run. A no-sew vamp on the upper allows the toes to splay, while a ghosted underlay wraps the arch area for a snug midfoot feel.

Innovations that can be found in the 860 Version 5 includes:

  • T-BEAM for rigidity and torsional stability in the shoe through mid-stance
  • An outsole pattern designed to provide cushioning and flexibility, but also helps guide the foot and reduce overpronation
  • Asymmetrical heel counter that is lower on the lateral side instead of the medial side of the shoe, all in the effort to produce a consistent system of stability
  • Positing applied to the medial side of the shoe providing consistency and density on each ride
  • A Neoprene stretch tongue

Staff Reactions and Reviews:

 “Nice midfoot hug with an overall higher volume fit to the shoe. The heel feels soft on impact, but the forefoot is responsive on the toe off. I think this is a great update to the shoe with the right blend of cushion and support!”- Brendan M.

“The 860V5 has blown me away. I took the shoe on a 4 mile run the day before a half marathon to test it out and had an amazing run. I tackled my 13.1 miles and every stride felt great. The fit of this shoe has significantly improved with a higher volume fit, in addition to the width. The shoe has nice heel contact, making it soft with every strike. The forefoot has felt a bit firmer in my opinion, however I feel that is a benefit, allowing my foot to respond to the ground faster. My Superfeet insoles fit great in this shoe. I personally prefer a higher volume fitting insole to improve the fit overall. This shoe is great for any level runner or walker from beginners to experienced.” – Chris T.

“Overall, I have found that there is more cushion in the heel and the toe box feels more spacious. I like that the shoe feels a little bit more flexible so that it provides the stability that the 860 is known for, but with a newer feel to it. I’m really loving this update! It has a softer feel and it seems like the shoe will be a good fit for most feet!” – Meghan L.

“The arch band allows for a snug fit in the midfoot, which is a really nice update to the shoe. It feels soft at first, but then the forefoot feels firmer. Much more flexible than the  previous versions, which I think brings an exciting edge to this version of the shoe.” - Elizabeth P.

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