The 5 Tips for Pain Free Running

Do you ever get pain when running?  Tired of having knee pain after a run when walking up stairs?  Are you sick of training with an injury?  This is going to be the blog for you!Prevent-running-injuries


First, I would like to say thank you to Fleet Feet Orlando and I am very grateful to them for asking me to write as a guest blogger.  I thoroughly enjoy treating runners and helping them get back to doing the activity they love….running.   Not just running , but pain free running!  Over the next several weeks, as the racing season starts, I will be posting  a 5 part series that will review 5 simple tips that can help prevent running injuries. Most running injuries occur due to 3 things: structural issues, training errors, and biomechanical errors, and simple changes can be made to correct any dysfunction that is present that may lead to injury.  We will be addressing the treatment, prevention, and certain strategies that me help with plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, IT Band syndrome, and more. RonMillerD14aR01aP01ZL-Harrison1a.jpg2For more information about me, Pursuit Physical Therapy, the Running Injury Program, and about treatment of running injuries, visit



Ron Miller, DPT, OCS

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