Superfeet True Blue Insole

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Superfeet Blue – The versatile insole

As a runner, you can count on the more than 45 years of research and 40 patents in the shape, design, and manufacture of Superfeet Premium Insoles to deliver exceptional results. Superfeet Blue work in almost any footwear, even tighter-fitting shoes, and are ideal for feet with low to medium arches.

It can help your foot feel better – the heel cup positions the rearfoot to help increase natural
shock absorption.
It can help support your foot – the low-profile shape puts biomechanical support under your foot, but takes up less space in the shoe.
It can help with stability – the Superfeet insole can help position your foot for ground contact, stability, and control through your stride.


Proof Under Foot: The Superfeet Stability Test
Here’s a little test for you to try the next time you’re in the store to see how Superfeet can help improve your stability. Roll your pant legs up to your calf, stand barefoot, and pick one foot off the floor. You can see your muscles and toes working as you find and maintain your center of gravity and balance point. Now place a Superfeet insole on the floor and stand on it. Lift your foot off the floor again. The Superfeet heel cup and midfoot support put more surface area under your foot, so you’re more stable with less effort. The increased stability can help reduce muscle fatigue and strain, so you can run more efficiently.

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