Superfeet Legendary Green Insole

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Superfeet Green – The legendary insole

Runners and walkers of all kinds can trust the more than 45 years of research and 40 patents in the shape, design, and manufacture of Superfeet Premium Insoles. Superfeet Green were designed to fit in more spacious footwear, and are right for feet with medium to high arches.
It can help your foot feel better – the deep cup positions the heel to help with natural shock absorption.
It can help with stability – the biomechanical shape puts more surface area in contact under your foot and heel to help with stability.
It can help reduce foot, ankle, knee & hip discomfort – Superfeet can help disperse ground impact forces and reduce stress on the foot, ankle, knee and hip.


Proof Under Foot: The Superfeet Foundation Test
If you want to discover firsthand how Superfeet can help improve your stability, try this when you come to the store. You’ll need to bring a friend, or ask one of us, to help you with this little test. Stand barefoot with your feet hip-width apart, your elbows tucked in tight to your sides, and your hands out in front of you. Make a fist with one hand and brace it with your other hand. Have your friend (or one of our helpful staff) slowly press down on your hands. You’ll feel a little wobbly while you resist, until you lean or step forward to regain your balance. Next stand on a pair of Superfeet that fit your feet and try the test again. Your stability should be noticeably improved because the insole acts as an adaptor between your foot and the ground, giving your foot more surface area to balance on.

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