Superfeet Copper DMP Insoles foot care for the most sensitive feet

Superfeet COPPER DMP: The personalized insole

copperGet a personalized fit without casting or baking. Superfeet COPPER DMP are high-volume insoles that feature three, separate foam layers: a pressure-sensitive, memory foam top layer, a polyurethane middle layer, and a durable bottom layer and stabilizer cap. All work together to capture an impression of your foot, while you stand, walk, and run through the day.


  • The heel cup positions the calcaneal (fat) pad to help with natural shock absorption.
  • The accommodating shape provides biomechanical support to all foot types and can help stabilize your foot in the shoe.
  • The moldable insole can help reduce hot spots and is ideal for active, sensitive feet.


Proof Under Foot: The Superfeet Big Toe TestcopperDMPbox

If you want to see how Superfeet can help your foot’s range of motion, here’s a little test to try the next time you’re in the store. You’ll need to bring a friend, or ask one of us, to help you with this little test. Remove your shoes and stand up. Have your friend (or one of our helpful team members) lift up on your big toe and note the resistance. Now stand on a pair of Superfeet, and have your helper do the same test. Because Superfeet can help to stabilize your foot and to improve range of motion, your big toe is likely easier to lift, so you can walk and run more economically.

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