Superfeet Black ? multi sport choice fits in most athletic shoes, cleats and spikes

Superfeet Black – The ultra-light insole

superfeetblackThere’s more than 45 years of research and 40 patents behind the shape, design, and manufacture of Superfeet Premium Insoles. Superfeet Black has a low-profile shape and thinner foam forefoot to provide excellent comfort for all arch types, while taking up less space in tighter-fitting footwear, like racing flats, cleats, and spikes.

  • It can help your foot feel better – the heel cup positions the calcaneal (fat) pad to help with natural shock absorption.
  • It can help reduce blistering – the low-profile biomechanical support can help stabilize your foot in the shoe, reducing friction and the chance of blistering.
  • It can help with stability – the Superfeet insole can help your position your foot for ground contact, stability, and control through your stride.

Proof Under Foot: The Superfeet Impact Test

Here’s a little test for you to try when you come in that demonstrates how the insole can help your foot better absorb impact. Stand in you bare feet and rise up on your toes. runlightCount to three and then quickly drop your heels to the floor. It’s likely you’ll feel the shock from your weight landing on your unsupported fat pad and heel bone all the way up through your legs to your hips. Now try the same heel drop when standing on a pair of Superfeet. The heel cup can help maintain the position of your fat pad to aid with natural shock absorption.

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