Staying on Track This Holiday Season

Whether we would like to accept it or not – and I know I’m not quite ready to admit it – the holidays are upon us. This often means times of gathering family and friends, lots of laughs leading to memories, and above all else, all the delicious foods we only eat during this time of year.

The topic of the holidays started buzzing around the shop,  and we started to exchange tips and tricks that we use to keep on track with our running during the holiday season. With all the holiday commotion that comes with this time of year, it can sometimes be hard to stick to our training plans, or even find the time to head out for our runs with all of the excitement around us. From all of us at Fleet Feet Orlando, we would like to share our tips for surviving the holiday season with all of you!

-Take advantage of seasonal running opportunities. There are a lot of great runs going on around Central Florida that can keep you motivated and moving. Fleet Feet even offers weekly fun runs (that are free!) and holiday themed runs that are not only fun, but can help to hold you accountable for your running. is a great place to start to find out about events and fun runs that we have weekly.

-Speaking of being social: make running dates with friends or family. Scheduling a time and having someone meet you can make sure you don’t bail on your running plans and keep you on track through the holidays.

-Fit Pro Lauren recommends that when it comes to holiday meals focus on healthy side dishes or alternative recipes that can help to cut back on excessive calorie consumption. She also recommends getting your run done early in the day so you don’t have to worry about trying to fit it in around holiday festivities, or giving yourself the opportunity to make excuses.

-Our Resident Training Program Expert Jim recommends sticking to your routine. Nothing can throw off your routine like taking more than a week off and having to play catch up. It can be tricky during the holidays to stay focused, but having a good training plan and routine can really help to make sure you stay focused.

-Product Guru and Ultramarathoner Brendan recommends to allow yourself to enjoy the holidays, but don’t overindulge [in meals].

-Fit Pro Korene reminds us to not neglect our running during the holiday season. Even if we have to scale back our distance, or go for a quick, high-intensity workout, something is better than nothing.

Above all else, just enjoy the holidays. They only come once a year. If you have any tricks or tips for surviving the holidays or what you do differently during the holidays with your running, we’d love to hear it!

From our family here at Fleet Feet to yours, we would like to wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday season! 


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