Runguard is Anti Chafe Re Invented

Only Feel the Good Pain

RunGuard is the natural product extension of a patented product called NipGuards® that revolutionized the endurance athletic market for anti-chafe products in 1998. runguardAfter fourteen years of expanding the global reach of NipGuards® to every corner of the world, the launch of RunGuardTM in 2012 is an important milestone in the evolution of anti-chafe sticks. With the goal of improving performance, using more natural ingredients, eliminating wasteful packaging and driving prices DOWN, athletes finally have a choice. Competition brings out the best in athletes. We believe the same is true for products. If you have chafing problems on extended workouts, give RunGuardTM a try. Go ahead… it’s guaranteed.

RunGuard Original TM is the latest evolution of anti-chafe products for endurance athletes. Developed and tested over a multi-year period, RunGuard was designed to compete with existing products by offering an updated formulation with high quality, natural ingredients at a lower price. After all, a little competition makes good products better and makes better products cheaper.

RunGuard is used to prevent chafing and abrasion during long runs, extended workouts or any activity where chafing is likely to occur. RunGuard is typically applied where rubbing occurs most: Underarms, inner thighs, groin, heals and toes.

Working out in foul weather can exacerbate chafing issues on the entire body. RunGuard is designed to remain effective during extreme weather conditions. RunGuard is water-proof and sweat-proof and will last for extended workouts – up to and including a full triathlon or marathon.

RunGuard is only available at specialty running stores like Fleet Feet Sports and comes in two sizes: Regular 2.7 oz size and a smaller Travel Size 0.5 oz.


  • Updated Formulation With Great, Natural Ingredients.
  • Get More Product, Pay Less. Always a good thing.
  • Consumer’s Win. Competition Makes Products Better And Drives Costs Down.
  • No “Clamshell” Plastic Packaging. Reduces costs and eliminates waste.
  • The Product Works. Guaranteed. We will refund your money if you are not satisfied.

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