Realize the Power Within: The New Mizuno Wave Rider 18

The new Mizuno Wave Rider 18 has hit the shelves of Fleet Feet Sports Orlando and it is smoother than ever! Designed to maximize and balance forward momentum, the Wave Rider creates a positive change both internally and in the world we run in. The experience of running in the Wave Rider 18 provides a new resilient and responsive ride that continues to hold true to the Mizuno name, but incorporates new technologies that surpass its predecessors allowing for a more harmonious fit and feel. This shoe is perfect for the neutral runner who is wanting a light weight trainer looking to run a mile or a marathon.

Men's Mizuno Wave Rider

Men’s Mizuno Wave Rider

New to the Wave Rider 18:

  • -Redefined toe spring that delivers a smooth, effortless toe off with each stride
  • -New out sole design that provides durability and delivers increased  shock absorption
  • -Men’s Shoe Weight: 9.2 oz
  • -Women’s Shoe Weight: 7.8 oz 

Staff Reviews:

  • “This version feels narrower in the forefoot than the previous version for me, but the fit throughout the heel and midfoot were quite comfortable. The upper in the new version also felt nice as well. Overall, the upper seems to be the nicest update to this shoe for me”. -Abbey M.
  • “Very comfortable fit! The upper is snug but not tight. I can feel the wave plate on the outside part of the shoe which adds a layer of responsiveness to the shoe. Overall it has a very firm feel which is perfect for someone that likes a snug and firm feel. The upper on this version is very comfortable and nicer than the previous version.” – Jessica C.
  • “Excellent! Great update. Overall I’d rank this shoe with an A!” – Jim R.
  • “The Wave Rider 18 fits and feels more like the Wave Rider 16 in my opinion. The upper is much better with no awkward creasing like the previous version. This version will serve as a nice lightweight every day trainer with a responsive ride.” -Lauren L.
  • “This shoe has a snugger fit in the heel just like the classic Mizunos. Great for that narrower foot that likes to be hugged by the shoe. Also love the rocking motion that  previous Mizuno models have. It feels nice!”-Liz P.
  • ” I love the fit of the new Wave Rider 18! With the improved fit on the 18 my midfoot and forefoot feel relaxed but supported. With my superfeet inserts it dramatically improved the fit. The added rubber on the bottom gives it a softer feel when making contact with the ground. By far the best update in years!” -Chris T.
  • “The most improved version of this shoe, hands down! Nice heel hug with a roomy toe box. Fits tighter up the ankle, which I think some people will really like. This shoe has a nice firm heel with a smooth transition to the forefoot. Great neutral ride!” – Chris P.
  • “Overall there is a nice snug fit on the heel and has a nice ride from heel to toe. I also find that this shoe is a little firmer in the heel than the previous version. The feel of the version 18 has a nice transition from heel to toe and after trying it with my black superfeet, it feels really nice!” -Korene H.
  • “Great Update! Feels like the older Mizuno models but with a better, more secure upper.” – Bryan C.

Women’s Mizuno Wave Rider

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