Training our guests to become runners, and if they desire, taking them to limits they never thought they could achieve, is what keeps me active in coaching and running.

The inspiration and dedication of these individuals is contagious.

Website_Images500This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend the Deleon Springs Half-Marathon with three graduates of the NO BOUNDARIES program. A little more than a year ago, they were beginners trying to get comfortable running one mile. Today they have the distinction of being veteran half marathoners. We couldn’t have asked for more dedicated and determined participants. They trained hard and followed the guidelines set forth by Coach Deb Nickerson, in NO BOUNDARIES and NO BOUNDARIES 2. I have had the pleasure of coaching them to the half-marathon. Sunday began with unseasonable temperatures and the forecast of hot and sunny weather throughout the morning. These ladies came prepared, rested and hydrated. They were outfitted properly from clothing to supplements. They were aware of what they were about to face and ran a smart race. They did not try to push the pace they were comfortable with. They ran as a group relying on each other for support and conversation. At the finish, they were within seconds of each other crossing the finish line. They are looking forward to their next race, the Celebration Half-Marathon later this month. Congratulations ladies, and to all the participants from our training programs who have done what they once considered impossible. There is a quote I read some time ago, “The difficult I’ll do right now, the impossible will take a little while”

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