NEW Type C massage roller from Addaday

Receive the benefits of a soft/deep tissue massage by using, a technique that may help relieve signs of:

IT Band Syndrome
“Runner’s Knee”

Pain from the sole of the foot
“Plantar Fasciitis”

Achilles Tendinitis

Tightness and soreness: quads, hamstring, calf, back, arms, shoulders

The Type A roller was introduced a couple hers ago and has exploded as one of our top selling personal self care therapy items since its debut.

Addaday introduces the NEW Type C roller for harder to reach areas and smaller form and detail points for the harder to access areas. This is also a welcomed addition for those of you with less reach or limited flexibility and arm strength.

We have both styles in our Recovery Zone section of the store. Make sure and check out all the Addaday massage tools when you come by for a personal tour of the Recovery Zone.


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