My Running Essentials

Do you ever find yourself seeking the advice of a “marathoner”, or looking to your friends who have been runners far longer than you for advice? I certainly have!  I know if I could have had one thing when I first started running, it would’ve  definitely be a Fairy Godmother of running. Someone to help bibbity-boppity-boo my way through all of the gadgets, shoes, socks, sports bras, rollers, Gu, playlists,tech clothes,and the list just keeps going! Before you know if, you are swimming in a pile of really cool running gear. I mean who really knew that seamless running underwear existed!? Chafing happens kids- it’s just a fact of life.

If you have been reading my first few blogs, you know that I have been getting back on my training grind after a brief absence. While nothing is better than lacing up and hitting the road, I have found myself compiling some of my favorite things that I always find I’m reaching for throughout the years. Of course, as I started thinking of these things, I thought to myself, “I need to share with my blog community!” I’m not about to make a list of the “Top 20 Must Haves”, but here are a few of my favorite things.

1. New Shoes. Nothing refreshes you after a break of running like a pair of new shoes. I recently laced up a new pair and hit the road and felt like a brand new woman! I cannot stress enough how important it is to trade out your shoes as often as you should and I’ll admit, I recently ignored that rule. Never again. I popped in my Green Superfeet insoles and everything in the world was right again.  Take care of your feet! They will love you. I promise.

2. This one is more for the ladies, so guys feel free to skip to number 3. A good sports bra. Ladies, this one is equally as important as a good pair of shoes. Sports bras should never celebrate a birthday, nor should they repeat a year ( I knew we are guilty of turning a certain age twice). I just upgraded my sports bra, and I’ll admit it here, my girls are happy.

3. My Massage roller. Honestly, it’s like my best friend. Who needs an extra set of hands when you can do it yourself at your convenience? I actually switch between two different rollers for different benefits. I absolutely love my Addaday Ultra Roller for a good post run massage, but I also love getting on my foam roller and giving love to my bigger muscles too. I actually use these guys too for my study breaks! It’s a great way to say goodbye to neck strain while sitting and studying for a long time.

4.  My GPS Watch. Now this is more of a “want” and less of a “need”. Since having a GPS watch, I have been able to disconnect from all the technology and noise of every day life, leave everything home, and just run while still tracking my distances. With that said, I don’t think it is absolutely required to have, but it is a nice accessory to have.

5. Running Socks. My life was changed when I got my first pair of Balega running socks. I love socks. I could talk about socks for hours. I have a different sock for each type of run, and my usual go to is the Feetures Elite. I love the anatomical fit and the moisture management is unbeatable.

Now of course there are other toys and gadgets that I fancy, but these are just a few of my running essentials that I must have for all my runs. I would be interested to hear what some of your essentials or favorite running toys are! Feel free to share in a comment or share with me the next time you stop in the store!

I hope you all can get out for a run and enjoy the beautiful weather this week! Fall is finally here my friends and I couldn’t be more excited!


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