Mizuno Inspire 11

Men's Wave Inspire 11

Men’s Wave Inspire 11

Get ready to “get inspired” with the updated Mizuno Inspire 11. Those in need of guidance can find the perfect blend of a smooth ride and efficient support in the Inspire 11. A supple internal strap hugs the foot for a secure and comfortable fit. A better fit equates to better control of the foot and overall control of your run. The lightweight U41C™ midsole provides for optimal shock attenuation, durability, and a superior ride which innately provides a light and well cushioned ride. True to the Mizuno brand, the midosole contains the supportive Fan Wave technology giving the Inspire that classic responsive feel veteran Mizuno wearers know and enjoy.

Women’s: 8.6 oz

Men’s: 9.7 oz

Staff Reviews

“The forefoot cushion feels awesome in this shoe! The heel and midfoot of the shoe feel a little firmer, but not out of line with the traditional Mizuno feel. The heel counter of this version feels snug giving the heel a nice secure fit. Nice and light for a stability shoe and I think it will fit better on a narrower foot that requires a little bit of stability.” – Lauren L.

“The forefoot of this shoe feels a little bit wider, but has a nice, snug fit in the heel. The forefoot feels nice and cushioned, but overall feels like a firmer shoe within it’s stability category. I think this shoe will work really well for someone who needs a wider forefoot but still a nice hug in the heel. Overall, really comfortable and I think this is a really great update!” – Abbey M.

“The overall fit was snug in the midfoot, but light and roomy in the toe box. This shoe feels very supportive, but not overly supportive in the heel. The forefoot feels nice and cushioned as well.” – Chris P.

“I love it! The classic ‘original fit’ feels like it’s back! Snug to my skinny foot with tight heels so it doesn’t slip off. Plush forefoot yet firm overall. This shoe feels like it has a rocking motion that helps me feel faster too. Not disappointed at all this time around! Once a Mizuno lover, always a Mizuno lover!” – Elizabeth P.

“Snug around the heel and the ankle, but has an average fit through the mid-and-forefoot. The forefoot feels soft and flexible compared to the previous version. The heel has a firmer ride and feels very stable all around. I like that the shoe has a very fluid heel to toe ride.” – Brian V.

“Snug fit all the way through, and feels softer in the forefoot. I really like the ‘foot hug’ feel. The softer forefoot and lightness when my feet are off the ground feels really nice. It almost feels like this shoe has a ‘race’ feel to it where it would work well for training but also great as a racing shoe.” – Meghan L.


Women’s Mizuno Inspire 11

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